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AcerHeadquartered in Taipei, Acer is a renowned computer brand that has earned ample popularity on a global scale. The Taiwanese company has new plans for the New Year, which they have unveiled in the form of their increasing interest in wearable computer industry. The company has shown interest in coming up with a wearable Acer device somewhere in the second half of 2014. The device is expected to stand out in the competition. Most brands these days are trying their hands on in this new domain of technology and Acer too soon plans to test the water in this territory.

Revealing not too much of this wearable device, Acer says it would be different from what other companies have already released or are going to unveil soon. They say it would appear like a necklace that can be easily worn around the neck. Also, it will pack body temperature sensors, and will have ability to easily pair with smartphones or work independently. The final decision however remains vague at present.

This leap, where the company decides to move ahead and past of tablets and computers is a wise one for this renowned PC manufacturer. The wearable technology in the coming years is expected to see a significant boon, which is definitely going to benefit Acer and others in the race.

It’s been speculated that the wearable device market by 2018, will reach the US$20.6 billion mark. Also, for shipment the figure is expected to cross 191 million devices, globally. Meanwhile, different research findings depict, that the major part of the revenue from wearable technology would be linked with fitness tracking, athletic shoes, and automatic insulin delivery for diabetics and communications devices for the ear.

Acer brand is known for creating not just high quality machines, but the company also enjoys ace fame in presenting users with dedicated Acer support. There are many companies who have now started presented dedicated support for the Acer brand to help users enjoy an easy and hassle-free experience always. These companies work as third-party vendors or independent service providers, with nothing related to the home brand.

One company that enjoys a leading position on this front is what SupportBuddy is all about. Experts at this company realize the importance of computer and IT support and they thus present it in an easy and worry-free way. Wondering how you can avail support? The answer is by calling on the Acer technical support phone number, where experts can be reached anytime and on any day.

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