How To Choose A Hard Disk

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How To Choose A Hard DiskThere are several reasons to change a hard disk, from you wanting to do it for capacity reasons to having to change it because it is lost for the eternity. There are some factors you have to take into account, we will review them.

Laptop or desktop

First, you have to check if you need it for a laptop or a desktop. Laptops have smaller hard disks due to space, usually in 2.5 inches size but this doesn’t mean they have to be less powerful but this does mean they are a little more expensive. Also, laptop hard disks are smaller in height around 10 mm.

For desktops, size is bigger (3.5 inches) but this also carries less expensive performance. You have to consider your case size, if you have a big case (like 4 slots for DVDs) then you have no space constraints but if you have a very compact case you may want to take a look at smaller height disks. Newer hard disks are already smaller in height.


This is a criterion most of people don’t consider but it’s very important. Slowest hard disks are 5,400 RPM (this means the internal disk spins 5,400 times in one minute), most laptops have this speed since is the cheapest.

Usually desktops have 7,200 RPM units which are the standard for their 3.5” size; it’s hard to find 5400 RPM drives on this form factor nowadays.

If you are running a business or are setting up a server, probably your best bet is to spend a little more and upgrade to 10,000 RPM or even 15,000 RPM which will give you faster access to your files and faster save times. If you use your computer for space intensive archives like HD videos or audio editing, this is the way to go to enhance your performance.


People tend to buy the biggest capacity they are able to get, and sometimes this is fine when you can get an extra 100 GB for another $5 or $10, but you don’t always need that much space. Next time think about this: Do I really need to spend $300 on a hard disk? Probably not. Most of us will do with 1 TB since we now have several free cloud storage options, but it’s always wise to save your important stuff right on your computer and in case of very important documents, it’s better to get a backup on an external drive.


Last but not less important it’s the brand that you use. In my experience I have found that the most reliable brands for these devises are Western Digital (WD), Seagate, Toshiba and Samsung. Whenever I replace a hard disk I try to use WD, I have had a very low failure rate with them and the ones I used have lasted for years, average have been around 4 years.

Final words

Hopefully, your search for a new hard drive is because you want to upgrade your computer (or build one) and not because you got a virus attack or your drive just died. In any case, please follow this advice getting your new drive as will help you find the best match for your needs. Let me know in the comments if you have questions I will be more than happy to assist you I any way I can.

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