Razer Blackwidow Review

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Razer Blackwidow ReviewIn this Razer Blackwidow Review, ill talk about the various specifications on the keyboard itself, the differences between the ultimate and the basic version available and the pros and cons. I chose this product to review because I think that razer went over the top when making this product and hope that it will inform you better about the product.

Razer is known for making their gaming peripherals and im not kidding when I say this. Over the years they have come out with various gaming mice (copperhead, deathadder, etc), gaming keyboards (lycosa, blackwidow) and etc. Ill be going more in depth about the razer blackwidow keyboard and what its all about.

The Razer Blackwidow keyboard is a mechanical keyboard. What is a mechanical keyboard you say? A mechanical keyboard was one of the first keyboards to ever come out and its mostly known for its feedback sound, click-clack that it makes when typing on it. Although most people think that this is a nuance, I welcome this sound like sweet music to my ears when using this keyboard.

Mechanical keyboard keys each have its own key-switch part which results in the click-clacking sound it makes. This means that it will outlast the membrane and scissor switch keyboards out there by a whopping, 10-30 million keystrokes. Razer however did not stop there and made sure that the Blackwidow Keyboard outlasted their opponents by making the keyboard last well over 50 million keystrokes.

Along from the great feedback that this keyboard makes, it also has a Flash-like speed to it. Kind of like driving a Lamborghini and you the typist is driving behind it. The blackwidow is able to do this with a 1ms response rate which means it only takes that time to send information to your computer. This means that every key will get processed and will be able to handle the barrage of fingers typing on it.

Difference between Basic and Ultimate

The Ultimate Edition is the “creme de la creme” of the blackwidow razer family as it comes with all the specifications listed above along with a fully blacklight keyboard and extra ports on the right hand side of the keyboard. Which include, audio-in, mic-out and USB ports. This also comes with a 50 dollar price difference from the basic version. However if your on a tight budget and can live without gaming or typing in the dark the basic version will be more than sufficient for your needs.

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