What You Can Do With Your Old Laptop Make Money

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When we buy a laptop, we are in awe of its looks, the speed at which it processes information and the impression we scribble on the others. However, once your gizmo gets somewhat old and forms wrinkles (aka scratches, colour fades, etc), you tend to grow bored of it or just uninterested. When you get completely unattached to your once-upon-a-time precious electronic friend, you may think of dumping it in the bin.

What you are completely missing amid this approach is the fact that you can actually gain some monetary benefits from the same laptop you threw away in the bin. Read this and you may think of your approach as lackadaisical and just wish you didn’t throw away your last laptop like that.

Laptops are a man’s best friend

When it works, they are your prized possession and when they don’t, they still leave a price for you. Technological advancement is at such a pace that every day, you may get to see a new product in the shop. In order to buy that new thing, mostly people throw away their old IT products because they do not know that IT asset disposal Leeds may provide a good opportunity to recycle your IT waste product. But what do you get out of it?


That’s right; you get money for your used laptops. There are many websites that offer to give money back for old laptops and the deals aren’t bad either. The buyback price you get depends on the condition of your laptop and how well it works. Some companies may offer some money for laptops that are not even working (they give money for the components that work) but those are rare.

A word of caution: you may also get some offers at pawn shops but they may not give you a fair price as IT is not their field. Better you go for the websites that buy used laptops; they may provide you cash or gift cards to purchase a new item from their store or website.

Feel good factor

These companies offering buyback schemes for your old electronic products also offer to recycle your product if they are found to be far beyond usable conditions.

Laptops and smart phones contain some compounds such as Lithium that are non-biodegradable and highly hazardous to the society and environment. If it finds a way to our food chain – it can by water streams, it may have a severely adverse impact on us. This infiltration of the lethal compound is possible only when there is unethical activity of ‘throwing laptops away’.

Laws and regulations for environment protection prohibit such activities of disposing laptops in an irresponsible manner. When you opt for IT asset disposal London your electronic belonging, you do the environment a favour along with complying with legislations in a responsible manner. This makes you a responsible citizen and you may become a role model for the others to follow. Money plus pride is a actually a very considerable feel good factor.

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