Why You Should Buy A Gaming Mouse

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Gaming MouseAre you a gamer who is still on the edge of buying a gaming mouse, but still need a bit more information regarding gaming mice or do you already have a gaming mouse, but want to know what benefits you actually have? Nevertheless, I will explain why having a gaming mouse has some great benefits than using a cheapo 10$ mouse from the nearest store.

If you play games such as first person shooters, real time strategies and other games that require a lot of reaction based actions, you would definitely want to use a mouse that is reliable and tailored to you. Gaming mice are built with single purpose; to improve your gaming sessions. This is why gaming mice differentiate from being considered regular mice.

Taken the above into consideration, here are five main reasons on why you should get a gaming mouse:

Durability – A reliable mouse

Mice that are used for gaming is under a lot more stress than those that aren’t used for gaming. That is because gaming involves lots of movement, clicking, scrolling for several hours. It may even get smashed or banged onto the desk if the game wasn’t going your way. Because of all these factors, gaming mice need to be durable to withstand the extreme wear and abuse they get. They are, therefore, built solid with durable materials. Buttons are specially made to be clicked millions of times, glide pads are made to reduce lots of friction while being durable, anti-sweat coating and so on. All of this will increase the lifetime of the mouse and thus save you from buying a new mouse regularly

Better Technology

Gaming mice are also packed with the newest form of technology to give an edge above your opponents. Compared to a regular mouse, a gaming mouse does, for example, have better optical/laser sensors that tracks better on different kind surfaces, such as glass. This will give you an easier time aiming or moving the courser around without jiggering. Besides that, the response time of a gaming mouse is usually 1ms which means that your mouse will be sending a 1000 “package of data to your computer every second. This allows you to react faster than if you had a regular mouse with 4-6+ ms as response time. If you are confused about what these technical terms mean, then take a look on this article.

A gaming mouse does also come with many great features that a regular mouse doesn’t come with, such as extra side buttons, DPI switcher, braided cords and LED-light (if you like flashy things).

Ergonomics – The right feel

The ergonomics of a gaming mouse plays a huge role when they are developed because we all don’t have the same hand or grip. Some people have large hands while some people have small hands. Some may prefer to use the palm grip while others prefer to use the claw grip. All of these factors play a role when gaming mice are being manufactured, and thus you will also have the possibility to buy a mouse that is specially designed to that type of hand or grip.

Nevertheless, you will get a mouse that is comfortable to use. This will reduce stress and fatigue on your hand on long gaming sessions and as a result, give you a better gaming experience.


What really differentiates a gaming mouse from a regular one is the ability to be customized. Usually every buttons of a gaming mouse can be programmed to do whatever you want it to do. By using macros, you can record a set of actions from your keyboard or mouse and play them back with a single button that you have assigned to the macro. For instance, should you have a number of abilities executed by pressing “F1″ + “A” + “5″, then rather than pressing each individual keys, you can actually just record those keys in a macro and thus use a single key to playback those abilities.

This will certainly not just save your time, but it surely might most likely make your actions per minutes considerably faster which may give you an upper hand above your opponents.

Besides that, you can almost modify every technical aspects of the mouse. For example, you can adjust the DPI-rating that you find perfect, enable or disable mouse acceleration, adjust the lift height and even the color of the LED-lights(not on every mouse). All of these settings can be stored within a profile or your mouse if it has an on-board memory. Some gaming mice even allow you to switch between profiles when you enter a defined game or application. The point is in fact that you can reprogram your mouse to every game you may play and thus have your own unique tailored gaming mouse.

Now that is something a regular mouse can’t.

I hoped that you learned something from this article if you consider buying a gaming mouse.

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